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The world's most successful weight loss system now available in town. Include [ATTRIBUTE].

The Original Weight Loss Wristband

Authors of the GoalBand Success System
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By GoalBand

GoalBand™ is the original weight loss wristband created by Ahead Solutions UK; it's your 'always on' reminder of the powerful concepts brought to you in The GoalBand Success System™ - one of the world's most outstanding weight loss resources written for those determined to lose weight and look great.

Weight loss groups in town daily. [ATTRIBUTE]

GoalBand™ and its Success System™ has been available since 2013 and is helping thousands of people to lose weight through an approach previously used only by the super-successful 3% of people who achieved and maintained weight loss.

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Hot New Product
GoalBand Facebook
Weight loss wristband works with Smartphone in town and connects you through to facebook groups

GoalBand Facebook is an electronic version of our Original Weight Loss Wristband that connects your Smartphone to your favourite weight loss group/s on facebook.

Perfect if you're a member of any existing Facebook weight loss groups or if you're planning on setting up or join a Facebook weight loss group in the near future.

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Hot New Product
GoalBand Food Diary
Weightloss food diary. 12 week food diary and weight loss tracking book.

The GoalBand Food Diary, Diet Journal and Weight Loss Success Tracker is your daily food diary with a difference: It's the ONLY food diary is available alongside a Goal Weight Wristband that helps keep you motivated to achieve your personal weight loss goal.

The synergistic effect of using GoalBand Original Weight Loss Wristband™ alongside The Success System™ and this amazing 12 week food diary will have you heading towards your goal weight in no time.

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Why other customers love us...

Our customers are from all over the world. Here's what they've told us about why they love GoalBand™ and The GoalBand Success System™.

Goalband is Excellent!

"The system has helped me think about my weight differently and finally take my thinking seriously. I'm really chufted with my progress so far. Wearing the wristband is an excellent idea because it reminds me of how much I really want to reach my goal."
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